Prep Lively

Taglines are a bugbear for writers and business owners everywhere. It has to be catchy enough to remember without veering kitschy or self-important. The best taglines capture the feel of your brand and clearly communicate the value you offer. And it doesn’t hurt if it rolls off the tongue, either.

Prep Lively is a party planning company based in OKC. In partnership with Cooper House, I worked to create a tagline that accomplished two things: 1) expound on the business name (which does not immediately communicate what they do), and 2) capture the company’s mission: taking the stress out of party planning. Finally, we wanted the tagline to work hand-in-hand with the name stylistically, since they’ll appear together on business cards, website pages, etc.

Based on client interviews, I created a Who/Do What statement for their website that succinctly communicates exactly what they do in a tone that is relatively laid back to match the playful personality of their company and founders.

View Prep Lively’s full site here.

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